Auto Submit Social Bookmark via Imacros

Auto Submit Social Bookmark via Imacros

While waiting for the PI from the session, Nubie wants to share a little of the imacros script to auto submit to the Social Bookmark (SB) site. This script, I aimed at nubie2 like me, which usually submits manually to SB sites, can search for backlinks + boosts blog position in SERP. For master2 who already have auto2an software, this script will pass. Bro, do you know what Imacros is, ??

This imacros script I made specifically for Indonesian (local) social bookmarks, so for friends who are very happy with shooting keywords, Melinda Dee, Udin Worldwide, Brigadier Norman, this connection can hopefully be a little useful. For external SB scripts to be found in other threads in this forum, I have shared a lot: glare:

Here is a list of Indonesian social bookmarks that I entered.
– bookmarking*bloggerceria*info/
– debuk*com/
– www*duniaberitaterkini*com/
– kombes*com/home.php
– www.liputankimewa*com/
– sundulberita*com/
– negeriku*info/
– \www*lintasberita*com/

Those who don’t have an account on the site above

Please first, use the same email, username and password so that the password can run smoothly. Actually there are still many other local SBs but most of them use chaptcha, I haven’t got the knowledge yet if I have to skip chaptcha: cry:

Okay, straight away:
Previously, make sure you have installed the imacros addon in your Firefox browser.
Then download the script here:
_hxxp: // gaddudwxwh8ftlx


There are 2 files

, ab.txt and autofull.iim. Enter the file ab.txt into the Datasources folder on your computer (C: \ Documents and Settings \ Administrator \ My Documents \ iMacros \ Datasources) and autofull.iim to the Macros folder (C: \ Documents and Settings \ Administrator \ My Documents \ iMacros \ Macros).

Now, edit the data in the ab.txt file according to the email, username, password and the article that will be submitted. If you click save, it’s done. Please try running autofull.iim on your imacros. Later, if you want to submit other articles, just edit in these datasources.

Hopefully useful: smile:
Note: Oh yeah, if there is a member here or if the one who owns the SB site above feels objected to the site using this imacros script please comment here so I edit it. But I should not report or even be prosecuted.

Enter the imacros add on in the Mozilla browser, select Edit> Edit Macro. Then enter the SB script that you want to add under it. Don’t forget to adjust the position of the {{! COL ..}} commands in the script that you want to add with the email user / username, password, url etc in the ab.txt file that I have shared. I hope this helps