October 10, 2018

What is SOCKS v5?

What is SOCKS v5?

Proxy protocol circuits used in client / server network environments. SOCKS allows hosts on each side of the proxy server to communicate with each other by making relay connections between internal and external networks.

SOCKS also provides authentication functions to control access between networks. SOCKS is widely applied to both proxy servers and firewall software, especially to allow residents in a private network to access the Internet while preventing untrusted hosts on the Internet from accessing private networks. SOCKS v5 is defined in Request Comments (RFC) 1928, 1929, and 1961.

How it works

When a host on one side of the proxy server wants to connect to the host on the other to access network resources, the SOCKS server software that runs on the proxy server authenticates the host request, makes a circuit-level proxy connection to the target host, requests the required data, and resubmit information to the requesting host.