October 10, 2018

What is SSL?

SSL or Secure Socket Layer

is the way a website establishes a secure connection with the user’s web browser. Every time a web surfer visits a secure site that uses SSL technology, creates an encrypted link between their browser session and the web server. SSL is an industry standard for secure web communication and is used to protect millions of online transactions every day.

So What Is an SSL Certificate?

The web server must have an SSL certificate before it can establish an SSL connection. When someone activates the SSL protocol on their web server, they are asked to answer questions that will establish their identity. Questions ask for information about both sites and companies. After the SSL certificate is requested, the web server creates two cryptographic keys, one is the private key and the other is the Public Key. This button is used in conjunction with the encryption formula to create a secure connection between the web server and browser session.

Why Use SSL? To Encrypt Sensitive Information.

The main reason why using SSL is to maintain sensitive information during the process of sending via the Internet by encrypted, so that only recipients of the message can understand the results of the encryption. This is very important, because the information we send on the Internet requires the process of traveling from the computer to the computer until it reaches the destination server. Other computers between you and the server can see your Credit Card number, username and passwords, and other sensitive information if this is not encrypted with an SSL Certificate.

When an SSL certificate is used, information becomes unreadable to anyone except to the server that was intended when sending the information. This protects the information from hackers and identity thieves.


From the definition of SSL above, do you think it is important or not SSL? I think SSL is very important for your website, but is there a provider that offers SSL with full features and a very affordable price? Of course there is!